Serious Offender on Unpaid Hire, S & R Contractors (NW) Limited

unpaid invoices

S & R Contractors (NW) Ltd

Agri Machinery Hire Ltd of Gisburn are very disappointed when they hired machinery to S & R Contractors (NW) Limited and have stacked up serious debts and promises of payment that could fill the trailer. Agri Machinery Hire Ltd want to warn other businesses in the area of there failed promises leading to a mountain of debt from the company were they have now obtained Judgement and the High Court Sheriff is trying to collect the debt.

Peter Knowles Finance Director said

Its appalling that some people are set to take full advantage of other businesses, we were actually warned off several other businesses in the area at the time, which we still gave the company a chance. I can only say please let this be a warning to other businesses and a good reason why “Ribble Valley News” has started these reports.

Knowing they contract for a very reputable business in the area we have managed to secure direct payment moving forwards from them and have recovered some hire costs from the company. This was the complete opposite as they are an excellent company with fast payments, it makes you wonder what went wrong…

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