Increase in scam calls across the North West


There is an increase in scam calls across the north west. They target the elderly and the not so tech savvy in order to extract private data and bank accounts from the people they’re calling. Most of these calls will sound like a foreigner, claiming they’re from a company that you either bank at or an an energy supplier updating your information.

What can be done to ensure that I am not being scammed?

In order to stay safe on the internet and from these scam phone calls, we’ve compiled a miniature check list to ensure that these scammer will not get there hands on your details!

1. Create a “safe” word or authentication number with your providers

Ring your energy providers up and ask them to set a “safe” word, something that both ends can mutually remember. If they call, ask them for this word, that way if they know that, you will know that you’re talking to the real provider. You can also set up other things for banks such as a phone passcode and 2 factor authentication, which will ensure nobody will get a hold of your bank details.

2. Ask them where there office is based.

Generally, a scammer will associate call centre offices within a big city or town. If they do, ask them to name a district in that city or a monument that you know is there. If they don’t know, providing that they live there. Then it is quite obvious that they’re actually elsewhere.

3. Ask them their name

The name of these people will tell you a lot about where they are from, for the most part. For example, we had a call today claiming to be British Gas. However, upon following the steps above, we first asked “where is the office is based?”. They replied “Manchester”. So we asked them “name a couple of the shops situated in the Arndale Centre”

We didnt receive a reply.

He then put us through to the “supervisor”. We also asked him “where is your office based?”

He Replied: “Birmingham”

So it is quite obvious these scammers cannot cooperate if they are both sat next to each other but one is in Birmingham and the other is in Manchester?

Anyway, we give him the benefit of the doubt and then we asked him his name. Bare in mind here, he had a really strong Indian accent.

He Replied: “Peter Swan” and his bosses name was “Vikram”

So with his name in mind, we ended this wild goose chase. Good luck Peter Swan, better luck next time.

Stay safe on the telephone and the internet people, there is a lot of cruel, low people that will lie about just anything to extract money and your personal data from you. Do not fall victim to guilt trips and liars!

If anybody gets a call from “03457123155” DO NOT GIVE ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE.

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